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Special Services

Trade Wars 2002
We can offer custom private or public games for those that want to play this old BBS door game.

Custom 3D Printing
If you need items printed via 3D printing, we partner with a 3D printing provider. Your items can be custom made, and designed if necessary, by this team. Please contact us for details.

Bitcoin Consulting
If you are interested in doing business in cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin (or any of the alt-coins), we can assist your business. Also we can assist in learning how to mine the coins, or trade them.  Please contact us for details.

eBay Consulting
Planning on selling on eBay? Learn from our experience from selling on eBay for many years, to help set your new venture up for success!

Phone Systems
We can assist with setting up a VOIP remote voicemail, call forwarding, and IVR system at amazingly low prices.