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Priority Service

The Priority Service is a full service product, and will include:

  • Website hosting
  • Redesign of website, and all future updates to the website
  • Research on the best keywords for your site
  • Rebuilding and targeting the Meta information (Title / Headlines / Description / Keywords / etc)
  • Basic SEO Work (Implementing optimized original content on the site, building a google-friendly linking structure, improving menu navigation, tagging of images)
  • Standard SEO Work (Building quality targeted back-links, and onsite content optimization, building new pages as necessary)
  • Advanced SEO Work (including off page optimization, marketing, and positive user interactions)
  • Social Network Media support and management (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Reputation Enhancements (Helping develop a system to improving reviews online legitimately, and spread positive opinions of your business, typically thru a word-of-mouth-online method)
  • Setting up and managing custom phone numbers for marketing tracking
  • Improving rankings in Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • Develop a diversified source of leads & contacts, from sites like Yelp, Four Square, Yellow Pages Online, Trip Advisor, etc
  • Phone support for related services, question & answer, and instructional services.
  • If you need any specialized services, just ask, most are included in the cost of the monthly service!

Low Price Subscription

$499 / Monthly

  • No Long Term Contract
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Deposits

Our Work is Guaranteed!

Nutshell: Our Priority Service is designed to improve your site’s rankings to bring you more customers. It is an ongoing effort, so that once rankings are achieved, they are not lost over time. 

Typically for a new customer, we select (with your input) 10 different sets of keywords that we want to focus on first, and over time we add more keywords to the list to target:

 ·         Within the first 30-days we expect that there will be an improvement in the rankings of those targeted keywords

·         Within the first 60-days we expect to bring 3-5 sets of those key words to the front page on google

·         Within the first 90-days we expect to bring at least 2 of those keywords to the top 3 spots on google

·         Every 30 days after that we expect to improve the rankings further, with the ultimate goal of getting as many keywords to the top spots in google, bing, and yahoo as possible.